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Designing your Waterfront Luxury Home


Waterfront home design is conditioned by budget, property characteristics, and code requirements.  Often due to the higher value of lake or ocean front real estate the average lot is narrower with some concessions on depth.  In some ‘V’ zones and other high tide coastal areas the codes mandate the first allowable habitable floor has to be 4 -6 feet off natural grade or no living space is allowed at beach grade level.  In such cases two to three floor levels can be built over garages, storage and rec rooms, etc.

Classical or Contemporary Style?

Ocean and Lake Experience


Our waterfront houses have been planned or built in Louisiana, Jacksonville and Windermere Florida, Winter Park Orlando, Tampa and Palm Beach Florida, Austin Texas, Malibu California, Gulf coast Alabama, Milford Delaware, and Shanghai China.

Designing the best house for your lot and views


Lakefront lots tend to be wider than salt water frontage, but still more expensive than interior lots.  Most designs for lake front real estate allow living areas on ground floors and if high enough off the water table, a walk out basement can be included.

Landscape Architecture

Naples Florida French style Luxury Water

4 story Luxury French Chateau on Gulf of Mexico in Naples Florida by Florida architect John Henry (at right) Dramatic horseshoe stairs, Towers front and back, entire third floor is a large Master Suite with extra TV room and Craft Room.  Fourth floor lookout from rear elevation.  First Floor has 3 car Garage, Kitchen, Living, 3 Bedrooms, Exercise Room.  Formal Living and Dining, 2 Studies, Large Kitchen with Breakfast w views to Gulf.

Luxury Waterfront Florida Architect John
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