About John Henry, Architect

Thank you for your interest in my work and Waterfront Ocean and Lake home plans.  In most cases your property has great rear views and we create designs that take advantage of lake and salt water expansive views.  When recreating a specific house style we try to get the period look on the front elevation which normally means smaller windows and the proportions and details of columns, arches, etc. while the rear façade has the maximum windows with decks and covered porches.




We can create designs from your specific requirements – from scratch.  We can also revise existing plans and combine ideas from several sources to customize a design for you.


The first step is in developing the layout to work properly on your lake or ocean property, making sure we are within setbacks, responding to views and even prevailing winds, taking account the topographic and environmental aspects.  The Schematic Design sets the house floor plan within the setbacks on the site accomodating driveways, pool, sidewalks and decks.  It includes the front elevation or facade.  After some changes and approvals we proceed wtih the rear elevation and sides in Design Development.  When these two phases are comlete and you are posititve that your design is fabulous and is cognizant of budget we will create the basic Permit Set.  Additional services inlcude Specifications and Interiors as options.  Please contact me with any questions at your convenience.  If you would like to see other beautiful designs that may work with your property go here



Professional Degrees from Texas A&M University:


Master in Architecture

Bachelor, Environmental Design


Call me directly to discuss your vision for a beautiful waterfront home:

407 421 6647, or email: johnhenryarchitect@gmail.com





"Even though opportunity for expression is boundless, only the proper match of plan, theme, and site woven together with the will of the Owner will result in a truly enduring and timeless Architecture, one that will retain its Investment Value over time. For over 20 years Award Winning Architect John Henry has proven -consistently, that his unique capabilities and background can satisfy the desires of the most demanding and esteemed client. Through continuous personal research and a commitment to Design Excellence, in each case the result is a 'one-of-a kind' residence that bears a distinct 'signature style': timeless, a true classic."   

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